The Art of Nicolette Lee

Singapore-based Freelance Illustrator

Book Illustrator • Graphic artist • Webcomic Artist • Commercial Law LLM

Professional Inquiries:
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Nicolette Lee is a Singaporean comic book artist. Her work focuses on urban fantasy, fairytale adaptations, and social commentary.

Her art and comics have been published in indie books since 2017, including the 2019 Moonlight Anthology by Bones & McKay, and the 2020 SOUND Anthology by Difference Engine.

She is a member of the Moonmaker Inc. art collective.

Nicolette graduated from the Law University of Bristol in 2016 – her mind and characters are prone to wander back there.

The Stone Lion's Story (2019)

Commission work for ZhengHua Primary School to illustrate a full-colour children's book for upper-primary school value education.

"The Chadu Chefs" (2018)

Marketing graphic for "The Chadu Chefs" cooking startup.

"Be Safe; Please Walk" campaign (2017)

Commission work for ZhengHua Primary School to design student safety posters.

Persist (2019) PREVIEW

Preview of an 8-page comic first published in the "Moonlight" Anthology by Bones & McKay.
A werewolf returns from his studies abroad - only to find Singapore has rapidly changed from the home he remembers.

Breakwater (2019)

A 4-page short comic first published in "RAD: the 90's Monster zine".
After her girlfriend turns into a mermaid, Kim Lan is left to deal with the responsibility of being human.

The White Bear's Bride (PREVIEW)

Preview of my ongoing comic, "The White Bear's Bride", currently unpublished.

Portfolio Highlights (Paintings)

Character Concept Art